About Boardwalk

A holding company with diverse subsidiaries. Founded 1984


The Boardwalk Companies, a holding company for a diverse portfolio of independent ventures, was founded by Dana C. Smith in 1984. The originating entity, Boardwalk International Company, was created to develop and market computer software. When the first application of software was deployed within restaurant and hospitality circles, Boardwalk ventured into that industry as well. Subsequently, the second venture was then added to the Boardwalk portfolio with the creation of T-Birds Restaurants. Started in 1986, this restaurant venture operated 5 restaurants, in California and Florida, until it was sold in 2001. From there, Boardwalk has continued to evolve-- adding new companies, ideas and innovation.

Today and the future

Boardwalk is presently, and mostly, involved in the technology, hospitality and real estate sectors. However, we are always in search of ways to integrate markets, leverage technology, and deploy innovative ideas. We are currently working on exciting projects in the nutrtion and transportation sectors. Stay tuned...

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